Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Digital Access

In Runescape, digital access is being improved by giving guides for just about everything you can click on, and trying to introduce you to the game through the intro dragon fight.

The only problem with that intro was that they put too many steps into it that had to be done in an exact order that fustrates the user and removes their ability to access the game. This is a problem that will need to be addressed soon.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Session 3 Entry

After learning how the economy of the game has changed, i switched gears and made 30k from a 1k investment. I started buying raw materials to make bronze bars from the grand exchange at 150 a piece and selling them back for close to 300 a piece. This allowed me to buy armor and clothing. The economy is in Ultra-inflation and it is because more money is being produced then taken out of the economy. People get lazy and buy made products for nearly twice what they cost to make, and make it very easy to make money.

Too easy...

Session 2 Entry

So far, the game and map is as i remember it. People still try to scam new players into buying a bag of clay for 5k , or even 500g, when you can simply take a pickax and mine that for free in no time.

Not having my armorer abilities is aggitating as i cannot make myself a set of armor yet, which makes me very vonerable.

Session 1 Entry

During the first session, I began to remember why i left the game. The game itself became a huge time sink that was never ending. Apparantly they also took out Pking. Was able to recover my old account which was a level 54, but for this class i guess i have to use the weaker guy.

Here is his stats.